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About Us


Isis Shiffer is an industrial designer and founder of Spitfire Industry, a design consultancy based in Brooklyn that focuses on sustainability and transportation. Isis' designs have won national and international awards and been displayed in four continents.  She recently earned her Master's of Industrial Design from Pratt Institute. Outside the studio Isis enjoys cycling, fine art, mountains and underground music.


Darrien Tu is an industrial designer with a strong passion in human-centered design. He completed his undergraduate in biology and has earned a Master's of Industrial Design from Pratt Institute. You can find his work and more information here.


Ken Hertz is a senior partner in the Beverly Hills law firm of Hertz Lichtenstein & Young, LLP. The firm specializes in representing prominent celebrity talent in the sports and entertainment industries. Ken is also the founder of memBrain, an entertainment marketing and strategy consulting firm, which advises corporate clients in the entertainment content, fashion, technology, and marketing industries. Ken also has been an instructor at UCLA's Anderson Graduate School of Management and an adjunct professor of law at USC. 


As a recognized media innovator and entertainment pioneer, Liz Heller comes with over 25 years experience evolving brands such as TOMS, Pepsi and JoinRED in the digital sphere. Her focuses are emergent marketing technologies and experiential experiences.

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